Colorado Springs

Me, Jen, and our four kids left Salt Lake City early Thursday morning, July 21, headed east for Colorado Springs. We had a great visit with my sister, her husband, and their four kids. We talked a lot, visited some parks, ate good food, attended church, worked on their new house, had a lot of fun. Last Sunday afternoon, we all decided to go on a walk after dinner. Unfortunately, at that time, my sister’s husband went upstairs to retrieve their napping 3-month old daughter and found her unresponsive.

This sweet little girl passed away last Sunday and really put in to motion a very emotional week. We were slated to leave for home Monday morning but we delayed that a day to do what we could — anything — to help my sister, her husband, and three boys deal with this tragedy. We eventually made it home Tuesday night just to fly back to Denver on Thursday for services.

The passing of Laila brought our family together — both physically and emotionally. It’s not very often that all eleven siblings are in the same place at one time, so this was a unique opportunity. While it was absolutely fantastic having everyone together, we also all grieved together. Two of my sisters are currently pregnant and all but two of my siblings have either had kids or are currently pregnant, so many of us felt an incredible amount of sympathy for my dear sister who just lost her child and only daughter.

I have an incredibly strong sister who married an incredibly wonderful man. I’ve witnessed enough things in the last week to help me see this even more than I already knew. I’ve felt of their spirits, courage, seen them struggle to understand these events, but also put an incredible amount of trust in the Lord. They have been an inspiration to me. Some pictures from our trip are below.


6 thoughts on “Colorado Springs

  1. Wonderful Pictures Jess, thanks for sharing them. Mark and I have ALWAYS been impressed with you, the good man you are. But, we have been so touched and in awe of the character you have displayed this week. Your love for your sister, niece, Jen and the kids……thanks Jess, you are awesome and it is a privledge to have you as part of our family.

  2. You do have some great pictures. I think it was such a blessing that you were already there for Adrian and her boys. Hopefully it made a tough time easier for them. It’s a testimony building time for your girls too, learning how to deal with losing someone at a young age. I’m so glad your whole family could get together, that is one of the Lord’s tender mercies, turning hard things into good things.

  3. As horrible as that experience was, there was a reason you were supposed to be there when that happened. My heart is breaking for your family. But what an amazing family you have. That every single sibling was able to come and support your sister and her family is a true testament to what an amazing family you belong to. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please let us know if we can do anything. =)

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