We’re back

The long stretch between blog posts should be an indicator of how busy we’ve been.  School is out, it’s summer (finally!), and we’ve got things to do. We traveled to Mackay, ID, this week to visit my cousin Seth and his family. They were great hosts and his wife, Natalie, blogged about it here. Thanks to her for doing the hard work.

I took a lot of pictures on our trip and compiled a bunch of them into the following video (it’s over 9 minutes long, so budget your time). The link to the actual pictures and videos that made up this video are sitting in our Picasaweb Album.

Thanks to Seth and Natalie for a great trip. I am heading to Moab in a few hours to raft the Colorado River with Jen’s dad and brothers. It was my birthday on Wednesday, too, so great week all around!


6 thoughts on “We’re back

  1. Awesome video! I’m jealous! (The scary thing is that some of those photos look an awful lot like photos of a younger me looking a lot like your little girls riding horses — only it was Grandpa Teichert in the hat and me on the horse). You’ve created lasting memories as a family, and that’s priceless!
    Great photographs too. Love the ones of the fireworks and water.

  2. Alabama! You guys are so cool! We all watched this video and laughed and said some really funny things, but I can’t remember what. This was such a good visit for us. Dax has woken up every morning and said, “where’s the girls?” He has Abby’s name on repeat, and was telling my mom how much he loves his cousins. We’ll definitely have to get together again soon.

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