Roly Poly

I really have no idea how to spell those little creatures we find in the dirt, but the girls have taken a liking to them. We were putting our raised garden beds in place yesterday (3′ x 6′ x 12″) so we had to play in the dirt a bit. In that process, the girls found roly polies and wanted to keep a few. They made makeshift homes out of cardboard boxes, got some compost from the truck, and introduced the creatures into their new homes. I don’t understand how some bugs freak the crap out of the girls while others absolutely delight them.

9 thoughts on “Roly Poly

  1. Henry will be so happy that he can do that with them tomorrow! He’s been on a hunt for them for the last few days and he has a few in a jar in his room.
    Hopefully your girls will still want to do that with him!

  2. Roly poly bugs are just so cute and non-threatening, of course they aren’t scared of them! Although, when I saw the title of your post I thought it was going to be about Austin 🙂 Your raised garden beds look great, I tried to talk Seth into that a few years ago and got a resounding No. Unless I wanted to make the beds myself.

  3. Austin is skinny and short. No roly poly there. Is Seth too manly for raised garden beds? I’ve given up on manliness. -Jess

  4. I wouldn’t let a roly poly crawl up my arm! Lady bugs are the only bugs I will touch. The thought of having them in the house creeps me out, too. I’m surprised the girls like them. Why do kids like these but hate spiders? Hmmm…
    The garden beds are looking great!

  5. Great looking garden beds. How nice that you can drive right up to your garden beds with the truck and shovel the dirt out, we need to do something like that with our garden. Great pictures.

  6. I used to like rolly pollys when I was young too. but now I scream when I see one. I think they are creepy now. When I was young I used to be scared of bees but now I don’t mind them.

  7. The backyard access for vehicles has been a lifesaver, especially since we don’t even own a wheelbarrow (well, just a large black Dodge). -Jess

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