Scoutmaster No More

I am officially no longer the Scoutmaster in our church-sponsored Scout troop.  It was a short stint, too.  I was asked to be the Scoutmaster in December, 2009, after serving as the Venture Scout Leader and Young Men’s President in the ward for only a year.  Previous to that, I was the ward mission leader for two full years, so I was expecting to be YM president for a long time.  When that didn’t happen, I was expecting to be the Scoutmaster for a long time.  Now I’m pretty sure my next calling will keep me for a while (unless we move…).

I was asked to be the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric.  In the LDS church, a bishop is the steward of a ward or parish.  He manages the church affairs of all 606 people in our ward boundary.  That’s a huge job so he has a few counselors, an executive secretary, and a clerk to act as a scribe.  I am now one of those counselors.

This happened three weeks ago.  A few weeks before that I took the Scouts on my last “me in charge” camp out.  We went to an area southwest of Lehi / Eagle Mountain called Five Mile Pass.  We had a great time and perfect weather.  What we didn’t have was all the pieces for the Kirkham’s Springbar tent.  We were missing the small steel piece that gives the tent its spring.  We — the nerdy “be prepared” scouts we are — improvised, found a thick juniper branch, lashed it to the other pieces we had, and enjoyed a perfectly set-up tent.  Had we not improvised, we would have been sleeping in the back of trucks.

Improvised Springbar

We also tried a new breakfast item for a lot of the boys and some of the leaders.  It’s called “omelette in a bag” and is so dang easy yet provides such perfect results.

Get a freezer bag (important…), crack two eggs into the bag, add cheese, peppers, mushrooms, bacon bits, pre-cooked sausage, diced ham (you get the picture … anything you’d want in an omelette), add just a bit of water, close the bag, and mix up everything in the bag.  Add it to boiling water in a pot for 15 minutes — enough time that when you squeeze the bag you don’t have any raw egg still sitting there.

When it’s done, unzip the freezer bag and dump the succulent breakfast treat onto a plate, tortilla, roll, etc., and enjoy!  It was a great breakfast food for this camp.  We even tried it at home a few weeks later so Jen could see how easy it was.  We all came away believers.

Holy Yummy

8 thoughts on “Scoutmaster No More

  1. Omlette in a bag, huh? I am going to give that one a try. Usually on our scout trips, we dutch oven stuff but that is always a pain to clean. I like the idea of not having a pan to clean.

  2. Wow — I’m going to have to try that tasty looking breakfast treat. That would be fun to try. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  3. I’m sure you will be missed as Scoutmaster, but well loved in the Bishopbric. That breakfast does look awesome!

  4. That’s a good breakfast even the kids could make! Look at all those skills you’ve gained from being the scoutmaster. Just think what you’ll come out knowing after your call in the bishopric (or what you wish you didn’t know!).

  5. Congrats – or my condolences – not sure which. Scoutmaster is much more fun, but it is a lot of work. By the way you shouldn’t be released from Scoutmaster until you build up a tolerance for raw eggs – if you let the scouts cook them. Good luck!

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