Austin is now five months old and I can’t believe it.  He is so much fun, he sleeps through the nights, naps well, smiles, and giggles…I think I’d love to keep him this age forever.  I’m not ready for him to grow up and not be a baby anymore!  He had his first “solid” food last week.  Jess fed him some rice cereal and he loved it.  He did much better for his first time than any of his sisters did!

Austin's first time eating cereal!

We had a fun Easter weekend.   I found some plans for raised garden beds and Jess bought the supplies awhile ago, but hasn’t had any time to make them. Jess finally had a free Saturday and made them…now we just need the rain and snow to stop long enough for us to fill them and plant a garden!  We’re excited!  We had Easter dinner at Jess’ parent’s house in Elk Ridge and had lots of fun with them.

Garden beds made by Jess!

Our silly easter bunnies!


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  1. I can’t believe he is that old already! Where has the time gone? I mean, hello, I am having a kid in June! Geez! Hope things are well. Seemed like the girls (love the various princess jammies) had a great Easter too 🙂 We are leaving for San Diego next week but would love to see you SOMETIME before I can’t leave the house again.

  2. 5 months really went by fast. He’s a cutie and sleeping through the night, so great for you both!! Your Easter bunnies are super cute too! I like the flower boxes.

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