Soccer has begun

Our girls (Abby and Leah) both started soccer through the local rec center last week.  Abby played a few years ago so she at least knows what soccer is.  Leah, on the other hand, is new to this.  I never did soccer growing up besides recess in elementary school and once as a missionary in Nebraska.  I stuck to other sports where my size actually helped.

I attended both girls’ games this week and it’s definitely spring.  Leah’s game was called a few minutes short of completion due to a cold driving rain.  Abby’s game had some sprinkles but not enough to stop the game.  Here are a few pics of the girls playing.  Coincidentally, both girls are on teams that use white jerseys.

This is about as close as Leah got to the ball all night.

Despite her lack of aggression, she had a great time.


Abby in action


4 thoughts on “Soccer has begun

  1. It looks like both girls were enjoying themselves because they had smiles as huge as huge in these pictures. Really good photos, too, Jess. Good action shots. Love Abby’s hair flying out. Awesome.

  2. Look at that ponytail! Your girls are so lucky to get to try out all sorts of different things, soccer isn’t an option at any age here. I hope the weather can be good for the rest of their games.

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