New Bike!

I bought my first mountain bike when I was 12, rode it for years, even took it on my mission when I was 19.  It was a good bike (Yokota Yosemite) and my dad was smart to have me buy the one I did.  It was big for a 12 year old and was expensive (paid $500 in 1991), but I had a job and he let me pay him on a payment plan.  After many years, the bike was retired (or rather, ahem, sold by my sister).

I bought my second bike from a friend in college.  It was a full suspension Specialized Stump Jumper (paid $450 for it) and I got a lot of use out of it, including a trip to Moab to hit the famed Slickrock trail.  Unfortunately, the bike was a size too small so after I got married I sold it to another friend for $200.

That was in 2002.  I have ridden a mountain bike once since then, and it was a year ago on a Boy Scout outing on Antelope Island.  Let’s just say my legs could tell I hadn’t ridden for so many years.  But it was great fun and I was excited to get back on a bike.

Fast forward to today.  I bought a bike!  I visited three bike shops over the last week and ended up buying the first one I rode.  It is a 2010 Cannondale F7 hard tail with disc brakes and SRAM components.  When I went to a local bike shop (Infinite Cycles) my main goal was to find a bike that fit me.  And I did.  Cannondale frames come in sizes small, medium, large, XL, and Jumbo.  We had some fun with the word “jumbo” — like seriously, do fat people ride a jumbo? — and then I rode the bike.  While I was out, the bike shop guy leaned over to Jen and said, “Looks like Jumbo is the size for him.”  Just to be safe, I tested a XL bike with 29″ tires (instead of the normal 26″) and it fit fine, but it was a 2011 model and wasn’t on sale.  Oh well, jumbo it is.  I was very happy to buy a $600 year-old model that was 20% off, so I only paid $480.  Sweet mother.  The bike shop also offered lifetime maintenance on the bike.  Sweet mother again.

I’m excited to have a bike again.  I will probably do 85% of my riding on roads but the kids are very excited to ride some of those miles with me.  Another cool thing: the owner of the bike shop is a friend of a friend I had in college.

7 thoughts on “New Bike!

  1. Hans rides his bike to and from work every day. He loves riding. It’s too bad you don’t live close to us so you guys to ride together. He has more of a street bike though because you can go faster with those. He’s not doing off roading stuff with it.


  2. Great looking bike. Hopefully you get tons of years out of it. Now you need to come to Iowa so you can ride with Jason.

  3. I miss trail riding. I still ride my mt. bike to work (although I have changed tires from trail tires to road tires) but haven’t hit the dirt since Idaho.

    It looks like you got yourself a good deal. Enjoy!!!

  4. John and I love mtn biking! My first bike was a full suspension giant nrs that I got for $1100 and it got stolen at byu when I was a freshman. Now I just have a specialized hard rock…

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