Henry’s Clone

Sometimes, I swear he looks just like my nephew Henry (Adam and Amy’s oldest).

Austin "Henry" Clark


9 thoughts on “Henry’s Clone

  1. In this photo, there is a similarity! I think he really looks like Jess & Abby. No matter who he looks like, he is one adorable little kid!!

  2. Not sure who Henry is, but that is one cute kid! 🙂 Jen..we need to get together when the weather is nice. Go to the park or something.

  3. There are certainly worse things than looking like Henry. This picture is wonderful. I am amazed at how fast he is growing. I can’t wait until he is talking and getting into things. Jen hasn’t got enough to do.

    Dad Clark

  4. He does look a lot like his cousin. Both good looking guys. Of course, it runs in the family. (I’m talking about Seth here, in case you were wondering 🙂

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