Two weeks? Really?

Wow, how fast two weeks can pass.  This is a whole bunch of nothingness.  But you’re probably used to that on this blog.

I went to the Jazz game Friday night.  A friend I met on my mission called me during the week and said a buddy of his had 4th row tickets that he wasn’t going to use, so he offered them to my friend.  My buddy offered the second ticket to me and I went and watched the game from the feel-the-sweat-fling-off-the-players’ bodies location.  It was awesome.  After sitting that close to the action, it’ll be tough going back to where the “rest of you” usually sit.

The seats for the serious season ticket holders

My view of opening tip-off

I might go to Rome in October to speak at a conference.

Jen bought me a boxed set of books called The Digital Photography Book Vol. 1-3.  They are great and I love how practical the books are.  The author will show a sweet landscape picture on one page and then on the other page will explain how he took it, e.g., “Set your camera on a tripod, use f/11 or higher in aperture priority mode, use a wide angle lens [12-24mm], and take it half an hour before sunrise.”  It’s a whole bunch of awesomeness.

The Boy Scouts and I are scheduled to go camping 10 times during 2011 for a total of 14 nights.  The first one is in a few weeks in the snow.  Please start praying for me now.

This week I spoke with Chelsey, Adrianne, and Adam on the phone.  I talk to Adam on the phone a lot because he’s my phone stalker (his words, not mine).  Plus, I’m fun to talk to.  And not arrogant at all.

My ankle still hurts from an injury on December 6.  I just don’t know what to say about that.

Jen proclaimed to me that she likes having a baby.  Not the giving birth part, but rather the part of having a baby around.  I just don’t get it.  She likes snuggling with him (NOTE TO SELF: this is probably a signal that I’m not snuggling her enough), feeding him, holding him, etc.  Frankly, he’s a bald little man who smiles at me on occasion.  He’s great and all, but I’m just waiting until he’s old enough to golf.  (Then he’ll probably think I’m a total nerd and do everything he can to get away from me.  Darn it.  I should have embraced him more as a kid.  Reminds me of a great line from Hank Hill: “Bobby, if you weren’t my son, I’d hug you.”)

Now I’m just rambling.

Tummy time

Mr. Silly Pants does smile

Lauren in a contemplative moment (with a Tootsie Roll container)



Dude, I have 4 kids.

5 thoughts on “Two weeks? Really?

  1. Seth thinks the exact same thing about newborns. I force him to have a relationship with our new baby by making him hold him and change diapers. They are pretty good buds now and Peyton saves his special smiles for his dad. Your family is just beautiful, you are lucky you married such a pretty girl so you could have such pretty girls.

  2. By the looks of the stands across the court in that tip-off photo, you could have had your choice of seats. I was beginning to wonder if you were just so busy with the baby that you didn’t have time blog anymore.

  3. You sound like you’re going through a midlife crisis or something. And you’re right that when Austin gets older, he’ll only see you for the nerd you are. That’s just what kids do. Ours are on the verge of realizing we’re just not cool anymore. Yeah well, we tried. I’m ready to give up already. If you are actually parenting like you should be, your kids won’t and shouldn’t think you’re cool! THere’s too many “cool” parents around these days.

  4. Great post. Love the pictures. Love the kids, and I think that the snuggle thing just might be Jen and not Austin. Try it!

    Wish that Chris had your camera. She just started her photo class last night and it is going to be mainly for SLRs. She has a point and shoot, but then my work did not buy it and I do not use cards. Guess we will have to save.

  5. I thought I had commented on this post – just discovered that I didn’t. Austin is darling, of course, just like your girls. I’m coming up. I want to play with the kids, have a time for a photo shoot with you and look at your photo books as well. I need a night off…..

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