Abby performed on a grand piano at her recital

I took piano lessons from my mom when I was but a wee lad.  At some point, my mom decided it prudent to pay someone to teach me how to play, so we tried it out for a month.  I hated it.  (I’m suddenly remembering something about her making me pay for part of the lessons.  No wonder I hated it.)  Despite my disdain for the formal piano lessons, I loved playing the piano.  My appreciation for music didn’t wane and I ended up being in band for a few years playing the trumpet, too.  I play the piano with some sort of proficiency now, but could use some lessons to tighten things up.

So now I’m living vicariously through my daughter.  We have a 100-yr.-old piano in our house that — while out of tune — still does the job just fine.  My oldest daughter started playing around with it but I always viewed the piano as something I got to play with.  She got interested enough that she asked me to teach her how to play.  I was pretty excited so I went to Riverton Music and bought a few beginner piano books and we began.

I hated it.  I didn’t have the patience, I didn’t like teaching someone how to play Twinkle, Twinkle, and I didn’t know what I was doing.  I threw my hands up and was done.

Luckily, my wife saw that we needed to follow-up with Abby’s desire to play, so we called a lady in our ward who offers piano lessons and got her in.  That was three months ago.  Abby’s first official recital was Thursday night and she did great.  Considering where Abby has come from — on multiple fronts: piano ability and pure anxiety of being, speaking, and playing in front of people — she was awesome.  The video below shows her performance (I apologize for the blurry first half; I screwed up but fixed it for the second half of the song).

In other fun news, we are famous in the craft blogosphere.  Our neighbor and her sister run a craft blog and she highlighted a recent project she did … for us!  It was a present for our new little guy.  Thanks, Nicholette!  Austin wore the onesie proudly yesterday while we watched the BYU-UTEP beatdown in the JV, er, New Mexico Bowl.  I will officially take my “BYU Football” bracelet off my wrist now that the season is over.  It’s been on since the Thursday’s Hero reunion this summer.

5 thoughts on “Recital

  1. WOW! Nancy and I were so impressed as we watched Abby in this video! She looks so beautiful and has become so good at the piano in only three months! Way to go Abby! You’re a star!

  2. Fantastic! I hope she keeps it up. She shows a lot of potential (just like you did, JT). She looks very grown-up and beautiful, too. I wish we could have been there.

  3. AMAZING! I can’t believe how quickly she’s picking this up! She’s her father’s daughter for sure. Guess where she gets that natural talent??? Great job. Proud parents for sure!

  4. Way to go Abby! That was awesome. It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of all those people and play. She looked so beautiful too. I love the dress.


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