Update and Pics

Austin is officially a week old now.  That basically means he still sleeps 22 hours a day.  In fact, the real challenge has been trying to get him to wake during the day so he’ll want to sleep at night.  He looks a lot like Abby and I did as newborns — pale with little hair.  We’ve been well supported by friends and family with meals, rides for the kids to/from school, etc.  I have a bad habit of calling him Austie-poo and the girls don’t like it.  On the day he was born, I also screwed up pretty bad.  I leaned over him and said, “Hey there, little girl.”  Can you blame me?  I don’t know boys.  This is new for me.  Jen is recovering nicely, although she’s pretty tired.  Tomorrow signals a new start for us, too, as I finally go back to work after 10 days at home with family (Saturday, Nov. 20 – Monday, Nov. 29).

Austin awake

Austin sleeping

Still sleeping

We came home from the hospital on Wednesday, Nov. 24 and got to enjoy a great, laid-back and simple Thanksgiving holiday.  No stress, good food, football, and a cute newborn to stare at.  Seriously, it was great.  Saturday was the annual BYU-Utah football game and we went to Jen’s parent’s house to watch (because we’re rabbit ear television people now).  After seven weeks of this football season, BYU looked horrible (2-5, completely inept offense, losses to Utah State and Nevada, for heaven’s sake).  Utah, on the other hand, started 8-0 and looked pretty good.  Turns out Utah looked good against bad opponents, BYU looked bad against — well, most everyone — but they played much stronger competition.  Then Utah started playing tougher opponents (TCU, Notre Dame, San Diego State, and BYU) and looked like crap.  BYU started playing crappy opponents (Colorado State, New Mexico, UNLV) and looked quite good.  It all came to a head when the Utes and Cougs met face to face and were very evenly matched.  BYU made one too many mistakes and ended up losing, but it was a great game to watch.  The Utes do lack class, though, just as Max Hall infamously stated last year.  The game ended on a blocked field goal and the Ute players got in the face of the BYU kicker taunting him (a Ute coach had to come in and get his players out of there).  The fans on the field also had a (fake) bloody BYU football helmet with a hatchet embedded in it and a Ute player — Shaky Smithson — grabbed the hatchet and began hitting the helmet.  Good riddance, Utah.  Enjoy the bottom half of the Pac-12.

We’ve seriously had tons of snow during November.  Our house must be in the path of the storms this year as we’ve had two separate storms that dropped 13.5 and 18 inches at our house.  We’ve had two other snow storms bring 3-4 inches each, too, so we’re accustomed to the white stuff by now.  I don’t care for it, but we’re used to it.  The girls and I went sledding at a local park tonight to get out of the house.  The girls are just small enough that hauling the sled we have up the hill is a chore so sledding becomes a serious chore for me as I go from top to bottom of the hill for every ride.  Luckily, we were only there an hour.

Nice hair, Lauren



The basement is still not finished, but it’s being lived in.  The girls moved down months ago (meaning I can’t get any pictures because it’s always dirty!).  I did build window sills and got them installed and they look great.  I was recently trying to use some of the power outlets but two of the three in the room weren’t working.  Weird.  I had Jen’s dad come over and we realized that the fourth outlet was hidden behind the finished wall.  I did the same thing in the bathroom.  Luckily, we found the missing box and I was able to get things taken care of good as new.  Or good as it never happened.  Whew.  See the video.

7 thoughts on “Update and Pics

  1. Man, your camera takes amazing photos! Beautiful kids and perfect pictures of Austin.
    Good post — I think on Sunday (or Monday morning) the Deseret News had the U of U student paper included. It was the most disgusting junk I’ve ever read. It made fun of every aspect of BYU – and we’re big kids and take a joke, but it was mean-spirited, poorly written and really immature. I sure hope that paper doesn’t represent all U of U students or alumni. I am so glad we are parting company from them. I don’t even want to be associated with that kind of behavior coming from Utah. I have no idea why the Deseret News would have gone along with such a thing. I wonder if they even read the paper.
    I was proud of our team. I was surprised at the composure of Jake Heaps. Wait until next year, guys! We’ll have a good time and be even better.

  2. Austin looks like such a beautiful little boy! I hope Jen gets some sleep soon. There’s nothing worse than feeling so tired all the time. And don’t worry, all Austin’s sleeping will wear off soon enough and he’ll be a ball of boy energy. Just as he ought to be!

    And I won’t even comment on the game. It just makes me ill.

  3. Wow, what a great picture of the little guy.. well I’m especially excited about the one where he is awake and looking so alert.. and.. I ditto that he looks like his Dad. Sounds like you made the most of an hour and the snow, playing with the girls.. Thanks for the update. Glad it’s all been good.

  4. Good thing you found the electrical problem and it didn’t end up being too crazy.

    Austin sure is cute. Love his pictures. Hopefully Jen can get lots of sleep here soon.

    I’m not jealous of your snow at all. I’m a snow hater. I think all it does is cause cancellations and accidents, so I’m not a fan. I know some think it’s pretty, but seriously it would be a whole lot prettier if it was only on the grass.

  5. What a beautiful little guy. I’m glad Jen is feeling pretty good. I called Dax a she forever, and now I call Peyton Dax. It’s just hard trying to use a tired brain. Cute pictures of your snow angels!

  6. Austin looks precious! You’ve got such a beautiful baby. Hope all is well with Jess back at work. Glad Grandma isn’t too far away!

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