Wet. And Soggy.

Yes, we had snow last week. And rain today. On the day we’re all celebrating Halloween.

The weather has caused me to almost overlook this holiday. It’s hard to think of Fall and Halloween when I’ve spent the last week driving to work in snow, winterizing my house, swamp cooler, sprinklers, and furnace. But we celebrated today! The day started off with flag football and unfortunately, we lost in overtime. It was a great game and I love playing!

I decided a few days ago that I wanted to dress up. I’ve been following the baseball post-season very closely, especially since my Giants have been playing so well. The biggest character on the Giants is Brian Wilson, their closer. He’s a freak show. Instead of dressing up like “The Machine,” I figured I wanted to dress up like Brian. He’s got a mohawk. And a beard. That he dyed black (or did he? …). I’ve let my hair grow fairly long lately and the top was around two inches long, so this morning after my football game I cut a mohawk into my gorgeous locks. Then Jen made me a black beard out of fleece. With my Giants shirt, beard, and mohawk, I was ready to be Brian Wilson. Here I am. Yummy.  I even went to two stores dressed like this.  I have no shame.


Mohawk, black beard, and Giants shirt

Jess ready to mow down any batters


In other (more important) news, Abby was Princess Jasmine, Leah was a ghost, and Lauren was a witch. Jen was a 8-month-pregnant hottie.


Princess Jasmine

Leah the ghost

Lauren the witch



7 thoughts on “Wet. And Soggy.

  1. That is the most modest Princess Jasmine has ever looked! And I’m liking the beard, very realistic. If you were thinking ahead you could have grown a real beard and dyed it. Unless you’re like Seth and have been growing the same puny mustache since 3rd grade 🙂

  2. Natalie, he is like Seth. All the brothers are like Seth, though they all have tried growing hair at various times and can finally get some hair to show, it’s light and never very full. Sorry brothers. It’s true. But, I like clean shaven better anyway.

    Love the costumes!

  3. Now those are some pretty awesome costumes. Jess, you are a freak with or without the beard! Lauren is too cute to be a scary witch. Abby looks really grown up in hers and I wouldn’t have recognized Leah.
    We ended up having a lot of kids stop by despite some nasty hail, wind and rain. I guess bad weather doesn’t stop the need for a good sugar high.

  4. Cute girls!!! Karsten didn’t believe that was really Abby. Even though he prefers her as a blonde…he still thought she was pretty cute as a dark-haired princess. =)

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