This plumber cracks me up

Had our “plumber” come over this afternoon to fix some of the work he did nine months ago.  We were having problems with the connection between the p-trap under our vanity and the ABS pipe put in during rough-in stage.  Here it is in video:

I emailed the guy.  I called the guy.  He said he wouldn’t guarantee his rough plumbing if he didn’t do the finish plumbing.  The problem wasn’t with the finish plumbing; it was with the rough.  I emailed him again.  He finally agreed to come look at it.

He came in this afternoon, did some very quick, sloppy work, and tried to pin the problem on something we did.  It wasn’t a battle worth fighting, so I just let him go.  Jen went downstairs tonight and noticed the same water drip was present.  Jen and I did some more work to see if we could get it right.  Time will tell.

Two take home messages: 1) Don’t use this guy as your plumber; 2) he’s a Ute.  Read into that what you want.

4 thoughts on “This plumber cracks me up

  1. Well, you need to plaster the guy’s name all over the place so we will know who to avoid! I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. Hope your fix-it last night will work. If not, pursue the guy until you are satisfied and if you need to, tell him you will contact the Better Business Bureau.

  2. What a pain in the butt! (No plumber’s crack puns intended!) Are you going to try and fix it yourself or call someone else in?

    • We’ll fix it ourselves. Our solution last night didn’t solve the problem completely. I could do most of this on my own after watching him yesterday. I just need to buy some ABS and start over…

  3. Not funny I know. I hired someone 6 months ago to fix a problem near the water heater. He actually wanted me to replace it (again). He cut a hole in the wall behind the water heater to get to the plumbing. Left a huge hole and bunch of lumber in there. It leaked again. I had a plumber come out and he wanted to go thru the floor, cement, and drill some holes and re-route the plumbing. I hired a handyman who came and cut the whole in my bedroom wall to reach it. Had to replace the work of the first plumber cause it was leaking from where he ‘fixed’ it. Then we closed up the hole in the bedroom by adding beadboard / chair rail and it looks great. The plumber this time wanted $1000 to cut thru the floor to fix the problme in the wall. It cost me $150.

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