Put it on my tab, er, list

I haven’t posted since the late 80’s. In my absence, Jen has handled the duties nicely and it’s been fun to read her perspective lately. Where have I been? Well, over a three-week period recently I was gone on two three-day trips and one four-day trip. Two of the trips were personal leave: I attended “advanced adult leadership training” hosted by the Boy Scouts of America. It’s called Wood Badge and took me away from my family for two consecutive Thursday-Saturday weekends. We spent our time at Camp Tracy — day and night — while learning how to lead people. The course was great and it was fun to learn these principles in the context of a Scout Troop. It was also very nice that my work paid the fee to take the course. I have pictures online here: http://picasaweb.google.com/110920675133817196197/WoodBadge

The week after I completed Wood Badge I had to head back to Southern California for work. I was visiting the Station Fire, a big fella that burned 165,000 acres last year in the San Gabriel Mountains east of LA. This trip was a follow-up to one I made in May.  Pictures from this trip are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/110920675133817196197/StationAndButlerII.  I was invited back in November for more field work, but I turned them down given the fact that Jen’s due to have a baby boy that month.

Speaking of child-birth, we have a lot to do before we’re ready for an addition to our family. Last night, Jen sat down and came up with this.

My bucket list … right?

Okay, to be fair, the title “Jess’ List” isn’t exactly accurate. It’s more like a list of things to do. And we wrote this list together.  Promise.  Jen’s got … something … on that list, right? Oh yeah, childbirth. Humph.  By the way, we made this list after Jen’s dad and brother came over while I was at Wood Badge and took care of much of the finish plumbing in our basement bathroom. That was a huge relief.

Back to the list: Jen was about half-way down this list, acting as scribe (couldn’t tell by the legible handwriting and purple ink, could you?), paused, and said, “Why again are you stressed?” I’ll tell you why. THE COLTS HAVE LOST TWO GAMES. BYU FOOTBALL WOULD GET BEAT BY BINGHAM HIGH UTAH STATE RIGHT NOW. AND THE GIANTS DIDN’T CLINCH THE NL WEST UNTIL THE LAST DAY OF THE 162-GAME SEASON!!!! Do I need any other reason? Really?


7 thoughts on “Put it on my tab, er, list

  1. I say devide and conguer! There are plenty of helping hands around! Don’t stress! You are an awesome hardworking Father and Husband and trust me, the list never ends (ask Mark!!)

  2. Marcie is right the list never ends. Bit looking or the list she has your interest at heart and I would focus on the one that reads, “buy a new drill.”

    If you get bored with your list you are welcome to come gel with mine 😦

  3. Wish I were around to help. Really, I can do a few of those things. I know how to stain a deck! I can probably even caulk pretty well. Only a small problem….I’m 2500 mi away. So, you’re on your own. Have fun. 🙂

    (And Brent’s list isn’t much shorter.)

  4. I’m still waiting to hear when you need a painter for that baby’s room. Let me take some of that stress off. I’d be happy to come up on a weekend and work all day on a Saturday. You just let me know.
    By the way, you’ve gotta say, “They are just GAMES…”

  5. So the key is actually making the list with paper and pen. DUH! No wonder Brian isn’t getting my honey-dos completed…he isn’t reading my mind. =) Good luck…and I can’t wait til that little boy is here. It will be fun to see you two w/ a boy…especially after the Beebe boys get a hold of him. He, he.

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