Old Age

With Fall trying to creep in, football has been on my mind. NFL is starting; college football started last week; and flag football starts for me Sept. 18! I love this time of year because I love playing flag football. I’m getting too old for basketball; softball has a poor turnout in our stake so we don’t really do it. But flag football rules. I played intramural flag football in college and we were good.

The problem is that I’m a pretty sedentary guy. I work in an office all day and my form of exercise seems to be home improvement. I ain’t a fatty, but I ain’t a bastion of health. So I have a dilemma: I want to play flag football but I’m in no shape to do so. I happened to mention my dilemma to a friend recently in much the same dilemma and that was the motivation each of us needed.

We began running. I hate running just to run. My brother and his wife run in races all the time these days but I just can’t do that. I’ve got foot problems; I’ve got back problems; I’ve got will power problems. But the friend and I decided to at least try.

We’re running three days a week at our local high school track (mmmm, soft track surface means happy feet and back). We ain’t doing much: a mile is plenty for me. But we’re adding sprints mixed in with the runs to switch things up a bit which I really enjoy. While running laps is good for my heart, my muscles were never sore. After adding sprints, I was sore for days.

I ran Friday night and I did seven 50-yard sprints after running a few laps around the track. Then Saturday morning I bought two yards of mulch (basically the entire bed of the pickup truck) and unloaded it shovelful by shovelful around our property. Then on Saturday afternoon I went to Stonebridge Golf Club to hit 18 holes (I bought a coupon online recently that included 18 holes, a cart, and a bucket of balls for $22!)

I think the combination of all three things — running, mulch, and golf — made me feel my age. My lower back has been tight all day long today and it’s driving me nuts. Oh, to be young again and able to do these kinds of things as often as I wanted. I don’t know how you do it, Keith, because you’re like … old. Just kidding. You’re just my “old” boss.

4 thoughts on “Old Age

  1. Tell me about this getting old stuff. In the last month I have really felt like I am going downhill fast. Actually, I like the downhill stuff more that the uphill, if you know what I mean. This week in DC we walked from the Union Station to the National Capitol and it was really hard for me. My back just kills me and walking makes it hurt a lot. I wish I could do away with the back pain. That would make me feel as young as……….maybe even Jess.

    Dad Clark

  2. For me, it’s the first couple of trips up and down the stairs in the morning. My ankles and feet actively revolt. I keep thinking that if I lose more weight it will get better. Well, I am down to 207 but I still hurt almost every morning – and I am not even 40 yet.

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