We’ve got some weather moving in tonight for a brief storm tomorrow.  The clouds last night were spectacular.  Jen and I had just finished putting the kids to bed, I was taking the garbage out, and then I saw these clouds.  I had to head to the local park for an open view but I must have spent 20 minutes snapping pictures of these formations.  It was really amazing.

Earlier this week the girls got a slip and slide.  It wasn’t very hot (maybe 82 degrees) but they wanted to play in the sun.  I guess we take the ability to use one of these things for granted.  As you can see from the video below, it’s not necessarily as easy as you’d think.  It was entertaining to see the girls (try to) use this thing.

In other news, the tile on the bathroom floor is down and I’m ready to grout and move on to other things in the basement (like doors, finish plumbing, carpet, etc.).

4 thoughts on “Updates

  1. We have that exact same slip-n-slide. The seam of it ripped though so the hose won’t work in it and I have to just place the hose on the beginning of it, or put the sprinkler near it.

    The shower looks awesome!

  2. The seam ripped on ours too because it was twisted up when I first turned it on. So, I put duct tape on it and it works with only a little leak! I guess that’s what we get for buying a $5 slip n slide!

  3. Photo on your header is awesome! Did you take that one? Those are pretty spectacular clouds for Utah. We all got a good laugh out of Lauren’s slip and slide. That was really funny. 🙂

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