Basement? Progress?

It’s been about 5 weeks since I’ve done anything in the basement.  When other life changes occur, the basement just becomes less important.  I finished painting just as Jen got sick and had even borrowed a sweet tile saw from a coworker, just to see it sit in my garage because I couldn’t do anything with it.

Well, I made it back down to the basement a week ago!  Mark (Jen’s dad) came over to help with finish electrical work.  We got all plugs and switches hooked up.  That included a bathroom exhaust fan with timer, GFCI outlet, and a few 3-way switches.  Just before we hooked up the GFCI in the bathroom, Jen’s dad looked at it, paused, and said, “This doesn’t make sense.  The circuit isn’t flowing between these two circuits.”  I was just kinda like, “Well, so now what?”  He looked around the room and asked, pointing to the wall, “Are you sure we didn’t have an outlet there?”  I looked and all I saw was a finished (drywall, mud, tape, paint) wall.  “Well, of course not,” I said.  So we sat there.  Mark didn’t believe me after a few minutes so we turned all the power on, he grabbed his voltmeter, and passed it over the wall in the spot he pointed out earlier.  Sure enough, his voltmeter picked up a current.  I grabbed a knife, poked a hole in the wall, and indeed found a blue box with wires pulled.


I cut the hole out as best I could and have since removed the plate you see in this picture and added some spackle to clean the cutting mess up.

I’m also preparing for tile.  We purchased tile a few months ago and I also hung the Hardibacker for the shower surround at that time.  But it wasn’t until last week when I bought the thinset and got left-over Redgard from Jen’s dad.  I think I’ll try to get some tile hung (like the shower) this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Basement? Progress?

  1. It is much improved from your first photos. Good luck with getting everything done before baby comes. Cause if you have no time now you’ll definitely have no time then.

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