Golf Goals

I really like to golf.  This is probably a function of my old age.  Golf doesn’t hurt me and it’s a great release from any work stress.  I don’t have any goals in terms of scores; rather, my goals this year were to get golf shoes and to be fitted for clubs.

I went to the Salt Lake Golf show today and found some clearanced Nike golf shoes for less than $40.  Got ’em.

I have a decent set of Cleveland irons that I’ve used for 3 years now.  I’m a fairly tall guy but these clubs are of standard length.  I’ve had to adjust my swing to account for the shortness of the clubs and my height.  I went into Uinta Golf today and got a proper fitting.  After some measurements and swings for the pro, he suggested I extend my irons an inch and a half.  I love that they can extend clubs rather than me having to buy a whole new custom set of irons.  They take the grips off, add a “plug” of sorts to the end of the shaft, and then re-grip the clubs.  I’m excited to give them a try.

Now if only I could get some time to hit a round!  I know, Keith, no golf until basement is done.  Luckily, while I sit on the computer I have a guy in the basement doing the mud and tape job!  I go from never hiring out home improvement work to hiring two separate contractors during this basement project (plumber and drywall mudder).

4 thoughts on “Golf Goals

  1. I have never played a round of golf minus the mini type. But it does seem fun. Jen should just crack the whip and you can get the basement done and then enjoy the things you really like.

  2. Marci, you’d be SO FUN to golf with!

    I’m telling you Jess, we need to have a couples golf outing someday. It’d be so fun.

    I think Brent found his Nike golf shoes on Craigslist brand new for $20 a few years ago! Sweet deal. He seems to like them a lot. They’re getting rather dusty these days though…

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