My turn

I almost feel bad making a blog post.  Jen has written the last three and I’ve not wanted to steal her thunder, especially since my thunder is usually just a lame recounting of my day(s).

Abby’s arm is doing okay.  She has a compression fracture but isn’t really in a lot of pain.  I don’t think she took any painkillers today at all and still moves her arm quite a bit.  She’s made the adjustment to “one-armed bandit” pretty well.  By the way, she hates that nickname.

I haven’t written about our basement for a long time.  We’re actually making some good progress.  All the drywall is hung (53 4×8 sheets!), the doors are ordered, and I hired someone to do the mud and taping today.  He will start that job tomorrow and will finish by this weekend.  That means we’re ready to tile the shower and think about paint (my least favorite thing).  There’s a tunnel, and there might be a light shining….

Spring has sprung here and I’m itching to golf.  I’ve hit the driving range twice already but can’t seem to find the time to leave work to hit nine holes.  I’m jealous of my brother Dave who recently hit 63 holes at Pinehurst GC in North Carolina.

Finally, I’ve lost interest in the NCAA tournament.  As Colin Cowherd said, it’s the only major sporting event that gets less interesting the closer you get to the culminating game.  Everyone in the country fills out a bracket, watches every game closely, and pretends to know that, yes, of course, Cornell was going to be in the Sweet 16.  Duh.  Don’t you follow college basketball?  My bracket fell apart (I only have 7 of the 16 remaining teams correct at this point) and I lost interest.  I could just be a poor loser.

4 thoughts on “My turn

  1. Jess, I don’t mind painting at all. I would love to come up and help over a weekend. Let me know when you will be ready and I’ll be up there in a flash. I’m a good painter, too. Your dad hates to paint worse than anything in the world, but I lilke to paint because there’s such an immediate difference – and it smells good and new.
    Let me know.

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