She’s Great

Last week I was driving home from work and Jen called me on my cell phone.  She asked me if I knew the difference between “inflammable” and “flammable.”  I gave my answer and, of course, got it wrong (for those nerds who care: there is no difference; both indicate the ability to burn).  I was surprised at how random the question was and I asked her why she was asking me.  She said, “I just took a sample Wonderlic test and that was one of the questions.  I got a 37 on the test.”  Then she proceeded to tell me the scores of Sam Bradford (36), Colt McCoy (25), Jimmy Clausen (23) and Tim Tebow (22).  Oh, and Steve Young (33).

Okay, let’s get a few things straight.  If you’re a guy and know what the Wonderlic test is, way to go.  You should.  If you’re a girl and know what one is, that’s pretty impressive.  If you’re a girl, know what it is, you seek out news stories about it on, and then call the man of your dreams to relay the information, you’re the girl for me.

I obviously chose well.  Jen likes sports and tends to check the headlines as often as I do.  She reads up on BYU sports a lot more than I do and is always willing to share tidbits of information that I would have otherwise missed.  I came home from Scouts last night and Jen was in the kitchen with an eye on the TV as she watched the end of the BYU-TCU basketball game.

Could I be any more lucky?

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