Do you know Joe?

Jess, speaking to Abby as she laid in bed last night: “Abby, do you know Joe?”

Abby: “Joe who?”

Jess, thrilled that he can still use this fifth-grade humor on his kids: “Joe Momma!  Ha ha ha!”

Abby, still thrilled at this fifth-grade humor, laughed and laughed.  And laughed and laughed.

Fast forward to tonight.  Same setting, same kid.

Jess: “Abby, you don’t even know Joe.”

Abby: “Joe who?”

Jess: “Joe Momma! Ha ha ha!”

Abby: “I can’t believe you got me again!”  Then she laughed and laughed.

I love my kids.

4 thoughts on “Do you know Joe?

  1. I suppose Jess is certainly one of those kids huh! That’s okay, because last night Brent and I were listening to NPR they had a silly joke show on. We laughed like 5th graders too! And the jokes were about as good as 5th graders give! If silly jokes are good enough for NPR, they’re good enough for us all! Laughing is good for the soul.

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