Workin’ Man

I got promoted.

Effective March 1.

It’s more money, an “official” job title, and a few other small perks.

The work load doesn’t really change at all.

Sweet, eh?

As my bosses sat me down to explain this promotion, they outlined the responsibilities.  I am officially now the “group leader” over all post-fire mapping projects at my office.  That includes 4 projects and anywhere from 5 to 9 people’s work.  But as these responsibilities were placed before me, I realized that, “Wait, this is what I’ve been doing for the entire last year.”  You may think that would be a dumb thing to say to your bosses (you know, “Thanks for the promotion but you know you’re not asking me to do anything more, right?”).   However, I was a little annoyed.  Weird,  huh?  Who gets annoyed at a promotion with little increase in workload?  Someone who recognized the workload a year ago and asked to be compensated as such back then….

Having said all that, I am very grateful for the promotion.  And the small raise.  And the other perks.  I am lucky to 1) have a job, 2) do things that I’m actually still interested in, and 3) travel all over the country experiencing new people and things as part of my work.  My wife hates #3 and I don’t blame her for that.  I don’t like to leave her or the kids, especially as they get older.  But the geographer in me loves the adventure of new places.  For example, before 2009 I’d never visited the “South” as it’s properly defined (Tampa for my brother’s wedding isn’t the South).  During 2009 I went to Chattanooga, TN on one trip in April; I went to Knoxville, TN and a lot of surrounding area on another trip; and I went to Savannah, GA for a conference on yet another trip.  Traveling gets very old and is a burden on me and my family at times, but I am grateful that my horizons have literally been broadened during my 7 years in the U.S. Forest Service.

I’ve already made 2 trips during 2010 (Albuquerque, NM, and Sioux Falls, SD) but have none planned for the rest of the year.  I know that won’t last, but hopefully it will be less than last year.

By the way, when I was driving to work last Wednesday morning in Sioux Falls, it was -13 at 8am.  That’s not even counting the wind chill.

10 thoughts on “Workin’ Man

  1. My sister-in-law lives in North Dakota and I have no idea how she can do it. I would be so depressed with all the snow and cold…though, I bet they see more sun than us.

  2. I say it’s about time you got officially recognized for all your hard work! It’s nice to feel appreciated. You need to come travel somewhere east now, so you can come visit us! We’ll take you all!

  3. Congratulations on the promotion. Too bad your travels haven’t taken you to Iowa yet. Of course, there really isn’t much to burn compared to most of the areas you have visited.

    Don’t you just love the cold temps here in the Midwest? Sioux Falls is generally colder than Iowa City but not by a lot. I am so sick of the snow and cold. I can probably count the number of above freezing days on both hands in the past two and a half months. Spring can’t come fast enough.

  4. I feel so happy inside to know that your work has been appreciated. You just added to the fantastic week we had as a family last week.
    Congratulations!!! 🙂

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