Baking Bread with Babies

We played a fun white elephant type gift game at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve. My mom had bought a lot of gifts (but unlike white elephant gifts, these were actually ones that we would want) and we started with one person then went around the room either opening a present or taking someone else’s present. About halfway through the game it was Lauren’s turn and she opened up three mini loaf pans. I’m not sure that she knew what they were, but she showed us all and was very happy about her gift. After I told her we could make pumpkin bread or banana bread in them she was even more excited. For the rest of the night she carried them around with her. If she accidentally set them down somewhere she would frantically search for them. We just kept laughing because it was so funny! On Christmas I asked her what her favorite present was and she answered “My tea set from Santa…AND my tiny little bread pans.”

The reason my mom bought those as one of the gifts was because I had just told her that I needed some, so I was more than happy to stick them in my cupboard when we got home. Lauren wasn’t so excited and wanted them in her bedroom. So, I showed her that they were in a special spot where she could reach them anytime she wanted them and she was okay with that. Last week we finally made her pumpkin bread and she couldn’t’ have been happier!


6 thoughts on “Baking Bread with Babies

  1. What a sweet memory to have! She's so excited about that bread. Then again, I would've been too! Who knew she'd get so excited about mini loaf pans– you could've used that knowledge as some kind of bribery if needed!

  2. When you told me about this on Christmas day I loved it – seeing the photo and the finished product made me smile even bigger!What a funny, cute little girl.I agree with Gillian – your pumpkin bread IS to die for.

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