I’d pick my nose if I had time…

I’ve made little progress on my basement this week. In fact, I think all I’ve done is framed in 9 feet of a wall in the new bathroom. There’s just been no time.

Monday was family night and after the kids went to bed, I wanted to watch Boise St. – TCU. Disappointing end for this fan, but good game to watch.

Tuesday was Jen’s night for relief society visits and a meeting.

Wednesday night was Boy Scouts — officially the beginning of the end for me!

Thursday night we had visitors: Jen’s grandma and cousin were driving through from Denver toward their home in Grants Pass, OR. They stopped at our house for a few days and we spent time catching up with them. Two of Jen’s brothers and family came over and we (the boys) went to see Avatar 3D that night.

Friday night I had to prepare for a merit badge pow wow that started the next morning. We had 11 boys from our ward attend this event and I spent at least two hours preparing schedules, merit badge worksheets, and collecting money for this event. Oh, and I had to teach the Safety Merit Badge, too, so I had to prepare a lesson.

Saturday morning was the event — started at 7:30am and lasted until 2:30pm. After all that scouting, I came home and did the framing for an hour. Finally, at 5pm, we went on a group date (because we’re 16…) for dinner and a movie. We went with 4 other couples and we had movie tickets to Sherlock Holmes at 7:15pm at The District in South Jordan. Our intention was to eat dinner at Red Robin first. We walked in and their wait was about 45 minutes. We then walked about a quarter mile to Applebees. They said their wait was 25 minutes, so we waited. After at least that much time with no evidence of getting a table for 10 any time soon, we left. We finally ended up eating at the food court in the movie theater. The food was good and the movie was fun. It was also fun to hang out with other adults. I seem to interact with so few of them…

Today was okay, but a bit harried to begin. Jen had a 7:30am meeting and didn’t return until about 8:45. We have church at 9am, so I had to do all I could to get three girls ready and pretty. Granted, they are naturally beautiful (thanks, honey!) so it didn’t take much, but I can only take their look so far until Jen is required to come in and make the final touches. We all went to church and, oh yeah, I had to teach during Priesthood today. Oh, and there was a youth fireside tonight from 6-7:30pm.

I’d like to say next week will be better, but I’m not really sure. I’m organizing the combined activity this week for Wednesday night, attending the second half of the merit badge pow pow (and still teaching the Saftey Merit Badge), teaching and then watching our troop do the flag ceremony in front of 300 Boy Scouts, and then speaking at the Priesthood Preview next Sunday night.

I promise most weeks aren’t like this. I’m not really as busy every week as this post would indicate. And I’m not really complaining. This is just a really good opportunity for me to learn how to better manage my time.

5 thoughts on “I’d pick my nose if I had time…

  1. That's why younger people have callings like this- it would wear me out!I'm glad that you at least got to have some fun with family guests and on a date with Jen.

  2. I'm tired just reading it all! By the way, what did you think of Avatar and Sherlock? Brent saw Avatar a few weeks back, and I saw Sherlock with some friends last week. I liked Sherlock. It reminded me a little of that magician movie–can't remember the name of it though.

  3. I thought Avatar was great, but mostly because it was in 3D. Had it been in 2D, it would have been, as Jen's brother says, "Fern Gully on steroids."I really liked Sherlock Holmes. It had a slightly slow start, but I really got into it.

  4. Loved that group date! But maybe we should have spent some time in the Clark's basement? (By "we" I mean the men.) =) Gotta love the lurking basement project. We started the upper 1/3 of our basement before Brian left for Iraq. He's been home for over a year now and we still have to wrap that up and move on to the lower level. Darn kids though. I think we will be re-doing much of what we have already finished. Grrr…

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