Basement Progress

I was talking to my brother last night and he asked if I’d seen any football in the last few days. I thought back and realized that I’d kinda forgotten that there were bowl games every day. I’ve seen about 3 minutes of a game since the BYU-OSU shellacking and am wondering now if I’m “wasting away” my New Year’s vacation!

Instead of football, I’ve been in my basement. The basement is a funny thing: you look at the 450 sq. feet we have down there and think, “Wow, we could finish this up pretty quickly. Add a few studs here, add a few there, throw up some sheetrock, and voila, we’re done!” But there’s soooo much to do. For example, the builders (who, remember, weren’t required to think when building the house) ran some copper water lines on the underside of the joists that are the floor for the kitchen and the ceiling for the basement. With a little effort, they could have run those lines in a less obtrusive spot.

Lucky for me, I got to exert that little effort. I turned the water to the house off and started cutting copper. A few hours later (and a few trips to Lowes) I had new water lines run using Pex and those sweet — but expensive — Sharkbite PVC/Copper/Pex connectors all in place holding pressurized water. Still, a few days later, we have no leaks. All I need to do is show some real crack and I’m a plumber.

Yesterday I had Jen’s dad over here most the day and we spent a few hours planning things like 1) I need to run a new electrical line to my sprinkler box outside to the new location of my timer in the basement; 2) where and how do I add heating vents to the basement rooms; 3) where do I run my water line from the source to our fridge; and etc. After we got those decided and discussed, we started framing. I don’t think basement framing is ever as fast as normal framing jobs because the floors are uneven and there are so many things to frame around. After a few hours, we had a few walls done and were happy with the process. Notice the shirt I wore. How apropos for the job.

It’s coming along. I am getting old, though, because I’m tired. And I just woke up…


4 thoughts on “Basement Progress

  1. Thanks for sparing us all the crack shot. Looks like the basement is coming along well! By the way, Aleve is a great pain/soreness killer.

  2. I am also so impressed with all the improvements you do to your house. I really love how you just decide you want to change something and figure out how to do it.

  3. The guys that built our house did the same thing with the electrial conduits. It drives me nuts. Getting it down is miserable because I don't want to cut the electical lines, just the conduit so I have to be very careful. Looks like you are making some great progress.

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