Posting up a storm

Where do I start?

1. I went to Savannah, GA, a week ago for work. I was attending the Association for Fire Ecology Fire Congress conference Tues-Thursday, but also helped teach a workshop on Monday of that week. Our workshop was computer intensive and we actually shipped out 25 laptops from work and had to set them up…so, we had to do that on Sunday. Luckily, I was traveling with five coworkers and I was able to hit church while they started the setup. When I got back from church I helped finish the setup. FYI, my round-trip cab ride to church was $45 (gulp!). I’m considering asking my bishop if I can count that toward my tithing.

Savannah was pretty cool and a good walking downtown. We had some great food, AWESOME weather, and saw some really old (for America…) buildings that are still in use today. My hotel was right downtown and had a roof-top pool and sitting area. Very relaxing. I’d go back to Savannah with my wife sometime. Now, if only someone would pay for it.

2. My sister danced in The Nutcracker today. She’s a senior at Salem Hills High School and did a great job today. She’s very talented and I was glad to be able to see her perform. I don’t get to many of her performances so this was a nice change. Thanks, Mom, for watching our two younger kids while we watched the program!

3. While we were at The Nutcracker, I had a brief scare. My dad, a type 2 diabetic, was sitting next to me. During halftime (the ladies call it “intermission”…semantics), he leaned over to me, handed me a few bucks, and said, “I need you to go get me something with a lot of sugar in it.” He hadn’t managed his insulin levels very well before the performance. He was getting a little droopy so I knew he needed something quick. I ran out into the foyer and luckily they were selling concessions. Unfortunately, all they were selling were cookies and water. I grabbed two cookies and returned. He started eating them but didn’t think that would be enough to get his blood sugar levels back where they should be. Then I remembered it: the manna from heaven. Right under the seat in front of me was a large sucker. I picked it up, noticed that it was still wrapped like it was brand new, and then handed it over to my dad. It was perfect! After eating that he perked right up and was able to manage until he got home and ate something proper.


4. The funniest thing happened at the performance while were weren’t worrying about my dad. My wife saw her last boyfriend, the one she left to date and marry me. He was in the audience at The Nutcracker. Jen studied the program to see if he had a kid in the performance but he didn’t. Instead, the guy’s wife was the lead choreographer. I asked my sister after the show if she knew this guy’s wife (whom I’d never seen or met) and just as I asked that, the lady walked by and my sister pulled her aside. Kaitlin asked me, “How do you know Mrs. ?” I said, “Well, I don’t. I just know who her husband was from many years ago in college.” There was an awkward pause because I obviously knew more than she or my sister knew. And that was all I was saying.

It was all a little weird. Jen sees the boyfriend I convinced her to leave and then it turns out this guy’s wife is my sister’s dance instructor. I’m very glad Jen left that dude and settled for me. After I eventually told my sister and dad the situation, we all had a good laugh.

5. We’ve had about 5 solid snow storms at our house so far this winter. From that we’ve had close to 2 feet of snow. Slow November but some decent storms lately.

6. Finally: I’m really glad I was out of town for the BYU-Utah game and didn’t follow any of the smack talk the week before the game. BYU won and that made me happy, but I hate how it all goes down. I hate that it’s called the “Holy War.” I hate that Utah fans think everyone at BYU is the Mormon version of the Bubble Boy. I hate that BYU fans assume that every Ute is a drunk liberal. I hate that Utah tries to say BYU people are all holier than thou and churchy, yet they are the first ones to parade all the Mormon prophets who attended the U. And I hate the hypocrisy that exists from both schools when the quarterback at BYU says he hates Utah and says they are classless (yes, I understand that his comments were classless). How do Ute fans respond? Classless. Max erred in painting with a broad brush. Not all Utes are classless (we love you, Beebe’s!). I guess just those who use Facebook and make online comments are. And why was it okay for Ute players to make similar comments but no one cares?

I got to the point during all this that I wondered if should even care. I commented to Jen during a phone call that I thought I was done caring about BYU sports, especially when they play Utah. It just brings out the worst in people and I don’t like it. I’m way too passive to get fired up about this kind of stuff. Go Jazz.

5 thoughts on “Posting up a storm

  1. Yes – the Beebes are definitely the classiest Utes fans you know! (Okay that's probably not saying much.) Just remember I am a Utah fan out of loyalty to my hubby…and the fact that The Univ of Phoenix is far to classy to participate in college sports. Ha, ha!!! Besides, if we were BYU fans we wouldn't have received those yummy cookies to celebrate our loss. Thanks Jen!

  2. I have to agree with you about the mess with the "Holy War." I wish they didn't have to play each other. It has become ugly – not fun anymore. Whenever we're up at the hospital, we gear up for the onslaught of people that know we are BYU fans. It's unbelieveable the comments that are made – out of pure ignorance or stupidity. Both sides are at blame. I think we need to stop playing each other until we can gain proper respect for the other side. That won't happen, but in a perfect world something better should happen. I hate that week here on campus. One thing in BYU's favor is that our campus paper never slams the U (nor spends any time at all concerning the Utes). I find that happening often in the U paper (which I read while up at PCMC). They slam us even when there is no pending game. I think that's pretty sad – and maybe even classless.

  3. You've been a busy guy lately! I've actually had to "unfriend" people on facebook because I felt some of their "friendly" game banter was just crude, disrespectful, and mean. You get called self-righteous for trying to take the higher road sometimes, so it's better to stay out of all BYU/UTE talk. It's pathetic really. Savanah sounds great. Maybe we'll get out there to visit someday. I bet there's a lot of historic things to see there. How'd the conference go, anyway?

  4. Oh, and the ex-boyfriend sighting at the Nutcracker was hilarious. Fun times for you! I remember all your turmoil over that one. How to get Jen to "see the light" and take you over him?? Glad she picked the right one! 😉

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