Ammon’s Week

I was looking through our photo album today and realized there are a lot of things going on in our lives that I would like to blog about but still haven’t done it. I hope to get around to doing it; not because I want or need people to read it and provide comments, but rather because I view this blog as a sort of journal and I love being able to go back — 4 plus years now — and read about what was going on in our lives.

While I was in Savannah, GA, last week (another blog post to come), I missed two pretty cool things. First of all, the young women in my parents’ ward decided to donate and decorate a tree for the annual Festival of Trees. They also made a BYU quilt and got my sister, Gillian, involved. That was smart because she’s a neighbor to starting BYU middle linebacker Matt Bauman. She got him to have all the players sign the beautiful quilt.

But there’s more. The young women decided that a fireside would be appropriate. They wanted the focus of the fireside to be on Ammon and his physical disability (spina bifida). Matt Bauman agreed to speak and my mom spoke about the challenges spina bifida presents but also about how us “normal” folks could interact and help those with physical disabilities.

Before all the speaking, however, they showed a video slideshow put together by yours truly. I compiled a few photos of Ammon — mostly during the last few years — showing some of the challenges he’s faced. I enjoyed doing this.

Then KSL 5, the local NBC affiliate, decided to highlight Ammon as part of their “High Five” program. They feature people who are making an impact on the community or inspire others and Ammon fit their bill. They were interviewed and shown on the morning news last Wednesday. Here’s the video below and here’s the story they wrote.

Video Courtesy of

Today Jen and I took the girls to the festival of trees to see the tree that was donated for Ammon. It was fun to see the tree and also to have this little secret that the kid who was being honored was my brother. Good times.


4 thoughts on “Ammon’s Week

  1. Our computer was dead forever, and when we got back on I was shocked at all the hard things Ammon went through in such a short time. His tree and fireside were awesome! And your video made me tear up, thank you very much.

  2. I'm glad you are back! I love when you post on your blog. Thanks for making the video of Ammon. It's a great video.

  3. Thanks for putting this together in one place, Jess. Ammon was ecstatic when he found them easily in one place. I think he's watched the video you put together 50 times already. He is trying to memorize the song. It was a very good video. Thanks for your help and doing your part for the fireside even though you couldn't be here – and thanks to Jen for bringing good food. I hope she was able to get some. We didn't have nearly enough but that's ok. I didn't think we'd have so many people show up, either.It was a good night.Glad you are back home.

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