Free Music

Ain’t been bloggin’ much lately. I’ve been reading a lot, but done no writing. The funny thing is how blogging changes how I do things. I carry a camera more often and take pictures with the thought of how it will fit in a blog post. And I have a lot of things to blog about … eventually.

To start off with a somewhat minor topic, I came across 3 free MP3 downloads at I love it. What they do is actually give you a $3 credit on your account and you can use it for as many MP3’s as you can get for $3. That means you can get 3. Do the math.

What did I get today?

Ingrid Michaelson: Maybe
Lady Antebellum: Need You Now
Miley Cyrus: The Climb

Disclaimer: Leah went to the dentist today and wasn’t feeling well when we returned. I used one of my free downloads on her by getting the Miley Cyrus song. I promise I’m not a Miley stalker. That would be creepy.

They have other free MP3 downloads as well and I got Lissie: Little Lovin’.

If you use the MP3 downloader it takes the file and immediately stuffs it into your iTunes Library.


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