Trip Report

It’s back to life now. The vacation is over and the house is dirty. Here’s a travelogue and some pictures:

Monday, Oct. 26: Do last minute packing and in the car by 7:15am. We drove all the way to Anaheim and arrived there around 5pm local time. We checked in to our Fairfield Inn and learned that our package had a deal for a free pizza at Pizza Hut, a bag of popcorn, and an in-room movie. Dinner! After eating we went swimming in the pool and hot tub that just happened to be about 10 feet from our first-floor room.
Tuesday: Since we had 3-day park hoppers, we were entitled to an early entry morning one of the three days we went. We chose Tuesday. Because our hotel was so close to the park, we just walked and were able to park the van most the week. We left the hotel around 7:40am and were in the park at 8 when they opened. We headed to Fantasyland and rode everything. Then we went over to Tomorrowland and rode Buzz Lightyear twice (that’s a fun ride because it’s part ride / part video game). That day we also did Autopia, the Nemo Submarine, Space Mountain… well, we basically rode everything…

Disneyland closed at 5pm that day so we sauntered over to California Adventure and rode Soaring over California, the Ferris Wheel (met an LDS guy from Seal Beach who sat in our … whatever you call the things you ride in on a ferris wheel), and wandered around. We were pretty beat by the time the day was over. We made it back to our hotel around 7pm or so.

Wednesday: More of the same!

Thursday: We decided to take a day off from the park. First we went to some off-park Disney stores to buy some paraphernalia. The girls have been saving their money for this trip and had each accumulated around $20 so they got to buy whatever they wanted at the stores. It was fun to see them shop with their own money. And very refreshing. It’d be sweet if this became a habit…

Then we headed to the beach. There are a number of beaches fairly close to Anaheim, with Long Beach being the northern-most in that stretch. Then you’ve got Seal Beach, Huntington, Newport, Laguna, and etc. Dana Point is the mix, too. Huntington was the closest and most direct shot so we went there. The beach is huge and we basically had it all to ourselves. However, the air temps were 71 and the water temps were in the low 60’s. Fun for surfers in full-body wetsuits, but not exactly desirable for us. We played in the water for a while but spent more time just running around on the beach.

After the beach, we went back to the hotel to eat, swim, and watch our in-room movie (we chose Up, but I don’t think the girls were totally interested).

Friday: Last day in the park! We spent equal time in Disneyland and California Adventure, rode many of our favorite rides again, and had a good time seeing everything. By 2pm the girls needed a break, so we went back to the hotel for a swimming break. We finally went back to the park around 7:30pm and were looking forward to the fireworks and Fantasmic shows that both started after 9pm. The only problem was that all of Southern California came to the park that night, too. Starting around 8:30pm, Main Street was packed. If you’ve been there, it was basically standing room only from the beginning of the Main Street shops all the way to the Castle. It was actually a little amusing. The shows were great and we really enjoyed our time in the parks.
Saturday: We left Anaheim around 8:15am and made it back to South Jordan to pick up our little Lauren by 7:30pm local time. Uneventful trip, but it was amusing to see the snow on the ground once we made it north of Cedar City. Sure glad we missed all that fun!

We had a great vacation to the happiest place on the earth. Farewell, Disneyland. We’ll come back some day.

5 thoughts on “Trip Report

  1. It looks like you had so much fun. Ammon is getting pretty excited and I think this post will put him over the top. However, I'm worried that my sore knees and sore feet will have trouble with all the walking and standing. Hmmm…..We're hoping to include a trip like this for a Make-A-Wish. Maybe we'll end up doing something different, but you guys had better plan on coming with us!Start saving your pennies for next spring/summer.

  2. What a fun trip! I never thought Disneyland could be fun, but it kind of is. And the beach, too! I think instead of going back there you should save your pennies for a trip to Idaho, instead. Sure, we don't have warm weather or rides or even anything enticing to make you want to come here, except us! And you can bring your baby girl, too!

  3. Yeah, we are all so happy you love Disneyland Jess!! It sounds like the perfect trip, so many things can go astray on a tip that long, glad it all went so well. Lauren was so awesome! We were more than a little worried to have our 2 year old Bunny for a week since she has turned into master of stinky face, but she was wonderful!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great trip! I'm sure the girls will remember this trip! Great pictures too. How'd Lauren do with grandma? I'm sure she had just as much fun with grandma while you were all gone. She got her all to herself!

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