We’re in Southern California right now enjoying the weather, beach, and Disneyland. It’s been a great trip so far. We drove down Monday night and will drive back on Saturday. Luckily, we left our youngest kid at home (put a plate of food in the middle of the kitchen and told her to ration it well…) so we wouldn’t have to deal with her here.

We got 3-day park hoppers and have really enjoyed the park so far. We’re two days into our three-day experience at the parks and decided to take a day off from the park to visit Huntington Beach today. It’s a little chilly for ocean swimming around here but it’s great for sitting on the beach and taking a nap.

The kids have had a great time here at the park and have enjoyed meeting the Disney characters (Cinderella was by far the prettiest one I’ve seen so far…), riding roller coasters, and experiencing everything Disney. The kids have done surprisingly well on the rides. I mean, I almost soiled my pants on a few rides but Abby and Leah were just fine.

Okay, I’m kidding. I haven’t even come close to soiling my pants. At least not on account of a roller coaster ride.

Jen thinks I’m sick when I write things like this, but it’s who I am and I choose not to change.

One last thing: this is probably the first, like, real vacation we’ve ever taken when we’ve paid for everything ourselves. We’re so grown up now.


3 thoughts on “Aahhhh…

  1. You sound like Brian with the "choosing not to change" bit. I think we have the exact same conversation at our house. =)Even though you left us in the snow here in UT, we will forgive you and are glad you are having a great time. DLand is the best, especially when you have your own princesses. Enjoy!!!

  2. I love that they have their own princess dresses on. I'm glad you got to go and I think your girls will always remember this vacation!

  3. If you changed what you said, Jess, you would be pretty boring – you are anything but boring and you make me laugh my head off.I'm really glad you are having such a good time. I love seeing the girls with their princess dresses on, too. They are just as pretty as Cinderella.Drive home safely. We'll see you Sunday.

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