Well, we’re pretty much ready to go. Where? About 8 months ago, Jen and I were talking about vacations. We went to Hawaii last November and I wished there was a way we could afford to take our kids to a nice beach vacation. Well, I couldn’t think of anything.

Instead, we decided we’d spend the year saving up our pennies for a trip to Disneyland. That day has come. We bought our tickets a few months ago through a group called Get Away Today. It includes 4 three-day park hopper tickets (Disneyland and California Adventure) and 5 nights hotel. Abby is off track in school for three weeks, fire season has ended, and we’re ready for a vacation.

Jen has really been the lynch pin of this whole operation (well, I guess that applies to more than just this trip). She sought out our tickets, found the best hotel, checked out 4 guidebooks from the library for tips on how to survive the visit to the “happiest place on earth,” did most the packing, and it totally stoked to be going.

We’re leaving Lauren with Grandma and Grandpa because she’d be a wreck on the trip. She’s only 2 and doesn’t do very well in all-day activities. (Secretly, I’m not sure I will either… I rolled my ankle playing flag football on Saturday) I am excited for a break from work and the one-day visit we’ll also make to the beach. To the Utahns: enjoy the snow on Tuesday… I’ll be wearing shorts and sunscreen and enjoying the 75 degrees.

Here are my girls from a picture taken last weekend.

5 thoughts on “Did-ne-land…

  1. Have fun there. It's such a great place. I've been to both DisneyLand and Disney World and loved both. I'm glad you get the opportunity to experience this fun place. Have a good time!

  2. Have a great time! Thanks for the call the other say as you passed through. Was that just to make me jelous? My idea of a vacation is a trip to the hospital with Ammon. At least I got to watch some of the playoff games.The girls are great. I tried to get Leah to come and stay with me while you were on your trip, but she would not fall for it. They are all just too smart. Must be like their mother.I am glad to hear that Abby is off track with school. I was going to send the truent officer.Dad Clark

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