"We Love Jess" Fan Club

I don’t post very often (sorry Jess!), but I thought today might be a good time for one of my occasional posts.

Sunday night Lauren asked me to take a picture of her and Jess. She stood next to him and the other two girls quickly joined in. When we looked at the photo later Jess called the girls his groupies. It’s true. They will follow him all over the house, yard, wherever he goes. They just want to be with him. I totally understand…I’m the same way. I’m glad he hasn’t gotten sick of me following him around too! I’m lucky to have such a wonderful husband! Thanks for putting a ring on my finger and asking me to marry you! I love you Jesse Boy!


6 thoughts on “"We Love Jess" Fan Club

  1. OH my heck, she dug everything about you!! Jess can do this…Jess likes the Giants…Jess looks good in baseball hats…, we are sure glad you two got married. We love you two and are rather found of your "groupies" as well!!

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