The time has come. Winter is slowly creeping its way toward us. Last year, it came the same time. We’ve already had some good freezes — just enough to kill the garden off for good and also to drive me nuts while scraping my windshield in the morning. Today I left work at 4pm so I could get some stuff done around the house. I turned off and drained the sprinklers and winterized the swamp cooler. I replaced the furnace filters last week and it’s actually been on every night for a week.

I’m not excited about the increased energy costs that come with winter. Our summer bills are very cheap but our winter ones (mostly gas) skyrocket. We could help ourselves with more energy efficient windows but that’s an expense we’re not willing to finance. Gotta save up some more money!

However, we also want to finish the basement. And the garage. And re-align the sprinklers in the backyard. And buy a mountain bike. And travel to the Caribbean. Anyway…this list will never end. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Winterizing

  1. Hey! I like the new look. And by the way, if you travel to the Caribbean without us you're in trouble! We've been talking about Barbados for a while. Brent met the business and economic director of Barbados in his Harvard class. She was apparently really nice and said she'd love to have us visit. She'd hook us up. I say we take her up on that offer!

  2. I like this new look, too. We need to update the Motley Crew page.Last week when the first cold storm blew through, we couldn't get our furnace to warm up – it's a brand new one. Jim was up at the hospital and now matter how he talked us through it, nothing would come up through the vents to warm the house. It got really (!) cold for two nights. I finally called the furnace guy and asked him to go up to the house and check it out. He had forgotten to turn something on inside the furnace to allow the heat to go through the vents. It felt so good to have some warm air come in. We still keep our place pretty cool (about 68-69 degrees). The furnace is so quiet you don't even know it's on. I like it.Our list is like yours, Jess – it goes on and on. I'd love nothing better than a new front door – but we need work on the chimney, new gutters, holes in the ceiling fixed, new bathroom, new kitchen. Double sigh….

  3. I'd love to get new windows. But they are so expensive. Personally, I'd be happy just to be able to afford to pay my water bill. It is finally getting cold here, also. We have our first frost advisory in effect for tonight and a threat of snow also. That ought to make our homecoming game against Michigan tomorrow night quite interesting. Go Hawks!

  4. Hey look on the bright side…at least you don't have to "finance" a $1000 co-insurance bill for your future son-in-law's broken arm. Maybe there are perks to all of that estrogen in your home. =)

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