More important things…

Last night, after that awful loss to Florida State, I had to tell myself over and over “there are more important things than football.” We have had lots of great and important things happen around here that are definitely more important than football!

1. Leah started preschool. She has been anxiously waiting for months and couldn’t have been any more excited when the day finally came. I thought she was going to burst on the two minutes drive to school…doesn’t she look so cute? After she got home I asked her how it was and she said “Oh, it was great. EVERYONE should go to Miss Lici’s preschool!” She is bummed on any day that’s not a school day…oh if only Abby felt that way too!

2. I bottled peachesfor my first time. Well, as an adult…I helped out a few times growing up, but haven’t done them on my own. Maybe I shouldn’t have said on my own…Jess helped a lot. We only did 12 quarts (we’ll do more next year), but it is very exciting to see them lined up on the shelf! Oh, and I made some strawberry freezer jam for the first time too…yum!

3. Leah learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. It was awesome. Leah wanted to sit on Abby’s bike, so I lowered the seat and within a few minutes Leah was riding it, so we took the training wheels off her smaller bike and she is happy girl! It’s been a good month for her!

4. I started carpooling with a friend. She drives in the morning and I pick the girls up in the afternoon. I took Abby to school in the morning for two weeks and did not enjoy waking Leah up in order to take Abby to school. I couldn’t be happier (this list is in a random order, but if it was being done by importance, this one just might be first)!

Last…this isn’t anything that’s happened, but just a cute picture of Lauren. The thing I hear about Lauren the most frequently is her hair. Everyone loves her “movie star” hair. This may not be the best hair picture of her, but for some reason I just love it…I’d love to have her beautiful hair!

By the way, I still love my beloved Cougars even though they totally ruined my Saturday! I’ll be cheering them on again next week!


3 thoughts on “More important things…

  1. As you know I have paired each of your girls off with my boys. Abby & Karsten, Leah & Brody, Lauren & Kooper. But now I am thinking we should pair off Brody & Lauren. Two great heads of hair…they would certainly give us some adorable grandkids. =)BTW – Great job on loving preschool Leah!!!

  2. I love this post! I can't believe how big Leah is getting!! And yes, Lauren (ALL of your girls really) has beautiful hair. You have adorable girls in every way! Brent and I were talking just last night wondering how we could convince you to make a HUGE trek out to visit us. We'll have to work on that…Way to go on learning to ride without training wheels Leah! It's a great accomplishment ~ and so are those great looking peaches!

  3. Karen – Lauren told me today that she was going to marry Brody! Chelsey – We'd love to make the trek to visit you…but we really want you guys to just move back here!

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