To the Market

We decided to attend a farmers market yesterday. We’ve been wanting to go to one all summer long but haven’t for one reason or another. We didn’t want to go necessarily for the food, but for the whole experience. We’re not food snobs — in fact, we do 99% of our grocery shopping at Walmart. We don’t favor organic foods and are guilty of eating too many processed menu items.

We acknowledge that we don’t always buy the best food for ourselves and for our kids and are slowly working toward a more consistently healthy diet — even to the point where we’re trying to cut out foods “tainted” with artificial coloring, namely Red#40 and it’s siblings Blue#1 and Yellow#’s 5 and 6. (By the way, you try purchasing food without these things in the ingredients…it’s dang near impossible.) We’re also hear about NDD (nutrition deficit disorder) and wonder whether the diet we give them may lead to something like that. The old adage garbage in, garbage out applies to our kids and their behavior.

Anyway, so we wanted to go to the farmer’s market to get some fresh food and to enjoy the atmosphere. We attended the one in South Jordan where we saw about 25 vendors from as far away as Brigham City and Payson. We told the girls they could each pick out one food type to purchase from the market. I was smitten by the sight of raspberries, so that was my pick. Leah picked corn on the cob. Abby picked potatoes. Lauren picked a sucker which we didn’t actually let her have. Jen picked peaches. I tasted a sample of some jalapeno asiago cheese bread and it was to die for, but they were out…

We ended up spending $10.50 — not a great “deal” compared to the big grocery stores we shop at, but fun nonetheless. The best part was that our Sunday dinner today was all food fresh from the market yesterday. We had mashed potatoes and gravy (my first gravy attempt ever), corn on the cob, and peaches. It was a delicious dinner and Leah ate two full ears of corn while Abby stuffed down a million helpings of mashed potatoes.

6 thoughts on “To the Market

  1. Yeah, if I was rich I would be a food snob and buy all that organic business. Gillian made us dinner and it was her first attempt at gravy too and it turned out great! Adam and Amy brought a yummy casserole and it was like thanksgiving. Farmers Markets are cool.-Nancy

  2. I was the recepient of their lovely farm-fresh food. Jess & family came up to the hospital last night and brought me all their goodies. It was yummy! Thank you, guys. That was very thoughtful and helpful besides.We enjoyed your visit. Ammon and I both laughed several times during the silly movie. I agree – Hannah Montana, the Movie, is actually quite a cute show.Thanks for lending it to us. It definitely brightened up Ammon's day.

  3. what happened to the text about "subaru driving, teva wearing, organic smoothie drinking sugarhouse residents?"I was already to make a wisecrack and the blog was edited. I'll have to put my tevas back on to drive my outback down to the smoothie shop for an organic shot of wheat grass and come up with some other wisecrack. How about "7 reasons no MWC team will make it to the BCS championship game" …Air Force, CSU, UNLV, Wyoming, TCU, NM, & SDSU. BYU & Utah gotta get out of that conference if they shot at a BCS title.Am I going to be banned from the blog for cracking on the MWC?

  4. and all with no gagging? (from Jen I mean) 🙂 Thanks for coming Jen, wish I could have sat and chatted longer. I will try and get a shout out this week so we can do something. Mark will have the car working all week so we will see if we can make it work 🙂 Liked the birthday card too- you find someone to buy our house and we are here!!!!

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