California Exports

Because I work for the U.S. Forest Service and my main job is to map wildfires all across the country, I keep an eye on all wildfire activity. I’ve been asked to map the burn severity of the Station Fire, the large conflagration outside LA that has all the national media attention. I came across two cool things today:

1. Time lapse video of the smoke. We’ve had smoky air here in Salt Lake and LA is partly to blame. Thanks, as always, to California for yet another great thing to come out of that state…

2. Sweet still shots from various photographers. I love to see these shots simply because of the skilled photography. The fire gives it a dramatic subject. The photo is an example.


3 thoughts on “California Exports

  1. My first thought upon reading the title of your post and seeing that picture was that some dufuss from CA was transporting mercury and had a car accident, spilling mercury (it doesn't take much to make my brain begin to think up stories).That is a pretty cool picture. I'm glad it is not mercury.

  2. You must have read too many books as a kid. The Hardy Boys would have stopped just such an operation. That imagination…

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