First Grader

My beautiful six year old girl started first grade this week and she has really enjoyed it so far. She likes her teacher and was VERY happy to see all of her friends again. Her favorite part of school is even better now that she gets two recesses each day. She loves to take a lunch and eat it at school…if only I loved packing her lunch. She told me the only thing she doesn’t like is that first grade makes her tired! Hope you have a great school year, Babs!

6 thoughts on “First Grader

  1. She was indeed excited at the end of that day. She told me she made two new friends and that she liked it very much. Leah piped up and said, "But she gets very tired." A whole day of school does take some time to get used to.Ammon was able to go to school today – the company sent Richard back for today and Monday. We don't know for Tuesday or Wednesday. Ammon was very excited to be going and to see Richard again. Yeah for school!

  2. Congrats on having a first grader. I laughed when I read your post because I remember when Alyssa was this small and this year she entered 5th grade. They grow up way too fast and the time slips by, be sure to take it all in and enjoy every moment. I can't believe my oldest is a Junior.

  3. Abbster is great. He is smart and cute, and is on her way. It is a right of passage for parents to have a kid in 1st grade. You did it, now the rest of the story will come. What fun!Dad Clark

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