Let’s Dance

I’m sure you’re probably already seen this, but I thought it apropos since my sister Gillian (she likes to go by Jill sometimes) is getting married to a guy named Kevin this coming Friday. Perhaps they should make a similar entrance at their reception next week?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Dance

  1. Ok guys – I'm logged into Kaitlin's site but I'm in a hurry – we are going to do this so start practicing your moves. When Kevin and Gillian decide to cut the cake and break the line, you guys are all going to come down from behind where you will be sitting – two at a time – dancing down to where the couple will be waiting to start dancing. It will be an absolute hoot – it will really start the party. So get ready! We've got it all planned out.Mom

  2. I actually saw this video last week and cracked up laughing. Great idea. Then, on Sat., I flipped on the Today Show and they had the wedding party on reenacting their dance. Pretty good stuff! Very creative.

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