Chuckle Chuckle

Ha ha ha. This is funny. Perhaps completely out of context (I don’t know) and perhaps completely harmless. But the picture is funny nonetheless. You’d think he was a Republican governor or senator with that look… Or Bill Clinton.

6 thoughts on “Chuckle Chuckle

  1. Ha, ha, ha — that's so great! I'm laughing my head off – especially about the Republican governor and senator part. Look at the guy next to him. Hee, hee. Good find.

  2. Wise cracks is sure the right way to call the comments you enlist. Especially with such posts. I heard about this on the news but had not seen it. Thanks for the view.Dad Clark

  3. I saw this picture a couple of days ago on some news web site and had a good laugh. I would expect something like this from Sarkozy (I am sure I spelled his name wrong) but it would be nice if we could get more that expected from our own.

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