Red Rock Partyin’

We had a great 4th of July weekend/family reunion! We celebrated down at my Grandpa’s house outside of Bicknell, near Capitol Reef NP. We had family there from Arizona, Oregon, Utah, and even South Carolina! It was so fun to hang out with my aunts, uncles, parents, siblings and cousins for the weekend. We did a lot of four-wheeling, “hiking” (the girls use that term pretty loosely), game playing, and eating, eating, eating!

On one of our “hikes” Leah was desperately searching for a lizard. She finally found one and I was sure she’d be too afraid to hold it, but she picked it up no problem and carried it around for awhile. What a non-squeamy girl she is…so unlike her mom and sisters! Jess loved going clay pigeon shooting and was quite excited about his improved performance this time!

Saturday morning we went to a parade in Torrey and I think the whole county was there! This parade is great…they throw out TONS of salt water taffy and after they finish the parade route they turn around and go back down the street again. The girls loved chasing after the candy and waving at all the people! My favorite part of the parade was definitely seeing my grandpa on the float for the American Legion (although you can bet I’ve been helping to eat the taffy).

Jess left Sunday afternoon with my dad, but the girls and I stayed for another day. It was sad for me as we were leaving to see Wayne County in my rear view mirror. It has always been one of my very favorite places and I’m glad we’ve been able to spend so much time there lately.

Here’s two pictures. One of my Gramps and the girls ready for the parade and another of Lauren and my cousin’s little girl, MeiMei. There’s also a cute video of Lauren enjoying the parade!


2 thoughts on “Red Rock Partyin’

  1. I noticed that the pictures you have on facebook of your trip always show an excited, happy face on Lauren. It looks like she thoroughly enjoyed herself.This reminds me so much of Cokeville's celebration on the 24th. They didn't celebrate the 4th but the 24ths is just like this one at Torrey. What fun memories it brings up for me!I'm glad you had a great time.

  2. Those girls of yours are very cute. Like VERY cute! It's always hard for me to leave the places I love and come back to a boring old Mackay. Speaking of, your family should come visit us! It would make things way more exciting:) For us, anyway.

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