Roger Cook is my Idol

Who’s Roger Cook? He’s the landscaping stud on This Old House and Ask This Old House.

Here’s some of the work we’ve recently done. We went to the dump last Saturday and purchased 1,260 lbs. of mulch (for $12.60!!) and put most of it down on our side yard. We already had mulch there, but after a few winters and plenty of rainstorms, the color had faded and lots had washed away. So we reapplied!

Some of the plants we have that are maturing are Flamenco Torch Lillies, a Lilac bush, Russian Sage, Blue Oat Grass (that stuff is growing gang-busters), Blue Fescue, Dianthus, Salvia, something else (that pink flower), Golden Barberry, Locust tree, and some other shrubs that are marginally growing. We enjoy the look and the little maintenance required. The paver walk way is new: most the pavers were recycled. The retaining wall is new, although there used to be one over there a few years ago but I took it out (genius, I know). Oh, and my rain barrel is installed, full, and waiting to water any of these plants that need it. Incidentally, Roger Cook is where I first got the idea to install my own rain barrel.

In the backyard, we put 1,500 lbs. of gravel down for a 12-foot walkway, then had an area next to it where we put some more mulch. Jen planted a few purple native grasses and will eventually plant some shade-tolerant flowers. We probably ought to put a divider between the mulch and gravel here. Suggestions? For the “sand box” to the left of the gravel in the picture, Jen suggests constructing a lattice barrier to block your eyes from the eyesore. We will probably keep that sand box to hold either compost or tree branches between dump runs. However, it ain’t pretty. Any volunteers?

We’re nearly “done” with our backyard. I’m getting another load of mulch from the dump tomorrow to put under our deck. After that, all I’ve got left to do is build a deck railing.

5 thoughts on “Roger Cook is my Idol

  1. Barberry bushes and Locust trees? I have/have had both of them. They are beautiful but can be labor intensive. Good luck. Your yard looks nice.

  2. I was admiring your side yard yesterday before my son broke his arm after falling from your tree. I was a little sidetracked so I forgot to mention how nice it looked to Jen. =) It looks great!!!

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