Working Hard

I really should make about three posts here, but I’m going to combine them all into one. We have a lot going on these days. I’ve been working on the side yard a bit as I attempt to put in a walk way. When we xeriscaped the yard, I left a dirt pathway so we could get back to the backyard. Well, dirt was never intended to be the final solution. I found a bunch of 7×14″ pavers in our backyard when we moved in, got a few more from Jen’s dad (leftovers from a project), and then bought the remaining 9 to complete the pathway. Here are some progress pictures.

It’s been very fun watching my xeriscaped side yard grow up each year. Some of the shrubs are doing very well while others have struggled. I’ve replaced one plant and now have a lilac in its place. I got a few native plants from some friends in the ward and they are doing very well. I got my rain barrel plugged in today so any rain from here on out will be captured by yours truly.
This picture is was taken right after we planted the side yard. A lot has changed in a few years.

When we did some excavating to make our patio in the backyard a year ago, I had to redistrubite a lot of dirt. Some went to our “sand box,” some under our deck, some hauled away, and some was used to recontour part of our backyard. Well, the time finally came to cover that recontoured part of the yard with new grass. Jen’s dad offered to use his truck to swing by Home Depot, pick up the 22 rolls of sod we needed, bring them by, and help me lay it this morning. We were very grateful for his time and energy (we paid for the sod, don’t worry!). The backyard is slowly shaping up to actually look decent.

You can see where all the dirt was to the side of the patio. That used to be grass, then we covered it up with dirt, then we put sod down today. Happy day.

While I was in Denver this week, I had the chance to drive up to Fort Collins to visit a friend. I have a mission companion / next door neighbor (yes, they were the same thing) who lives in Colorado Springs, but I was a few miles closer to Fort Collins, so I headed north. I met Stephen Sidwell while in college and quickly grew to love the guy. We lived in the same church ward and did a lot of things together with a group of guys. He’s now a dentist in Fort Collins but still uses his free time to hop on his mountain bike, train for triathlons, and help his wife Krista raise three cute kids.

We’re heading out of town this weekend down to Jen’s Grandpa’s house in Bicknell, UT. We’re excited for a break from the valley and the chance to hike, ride 4-wheelers, play pool, sit in a hot tub, and see a National Park (Capitol Reef).


2 thoughts on “Working Hard

  1. That rain water belongs to the city.Nice work. Interested in putting in a retaining wall in NH? I promise the temps will be below 90. And there’s a McD’s in town where I’ll buy you all hot fudge sundaes you want.

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