On the course

I survived my round of golf at Eastbay Golf Course in Provo, today. It was a beautiful day for the course. I didn’t score very well, but felt good about a number of my shots. I’m incrementally getting better at this dang game.

Sadly, I broke my driver today. A year and a half ago, I visited Sports Authority and found my driver on sale for … $20. Okay, it’s a cheap driver. But I used it all last summer and had plenty of nice long, straight drives. It’s been giving me fits lately because the shape of the clubface has been changing due to my use. Well, today on the ninth hole on the course, it finally gave in. The ninth hole is a long par five so I got up and smacked my tee shot. After I hit it, I took a look at the club and saw what you see here.

2 thoughts on “On the course

  1. It’s broken? where’s the golf ball shaped hole? I guess I just can’t tell. So go to Working Ranch, click on past issues, then in the search box type in Tayler Teichert. It has a couple of her pics and a letter from her. She has had more pictures published, but I don’t know why they aren’t showing up.

  2. Hmmm…I can’t tell that it’s broken. Guess that’s because I’m not a golfer? I am sure Brian could feel your pain though.

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