Happy Saturday

Today’s a good day. I’ve got a tee-time this afternoon with three of my brothers. It’s kinda warm outside. Jen’s out garage-saling this morning. I’ve got the girls here at home. I made a SWEET breakfast. Sadly, none of my girls would enjoy it with me. They aren’t really willing to take risks, so the idea of strawberries and whipped cream on the waffle was just a little to risque for them.

In other sad news, Jen and I watched Dead Poets Society last night. As soon as it ended, she said, “I didn’t like it.” She wouldn’t watch “Who Killed the Electric Car” with me. She wouldn’t watch “Lawrence of Arabia” with me. She didn’t like “Dead Poets Society.” Guess I’ll revert back to “Pride and Prejudice,” a movie I KNOW she likes. Actually loves. There’s something about that Mr. Dah-cy that she just digs.

6 thoughts on “Happy Saturday

  1. What is the deal man?!! She didn’t like Dead Poet’s Society?!! AND she wouldn’t watch the electric car movie? I have seen all of the movies/documentary on this post, all of which are great. Shame on her.And what kind of kid doesn’t like waffles with strawberries and whipped cream on top!!!Can I live with you? I love all those things. Oh, and I can’t wait to golf today!

  2. Okay, here’s my disclaimer. I didn’t say I didn’t like it…I said I didn’t care for it. I didn’t think it was anything to watch again or recommend to anyone. And I watched well over half of Lawrence of Arabia, but finally fell asleep when I couldn’t take it anymore. I actually like the first half just fine. As for the breakfast…Leah loves strawberries, but NONE of the girls in this family like whipped cream…it’s like eating warm sugary milk…nasty stuff! Jen

  3. Great breakfast Jess! We had a similar meal on Friday because we are trying to get rid of all the food in our house because we can’t take it with us.

  4. I love Dead Poets Society, it's so sad that's what makes it so good! Speaking of pride and prejudice, have you seen the pbs, Lost in Austin? Kind of a funny take on P&P.

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