AT&T, bringing you more bars…wait, we’re T-Mobile folks.

This was one of those rare occasions where all three girls actually had a bath together. They’re getting too big to fit very well together.


4 thoughts on “Bathtime

  1. They look so calm while you took that picture. Granted, I can’t see their faces, so maybe they aren’t being so calm from the front. But the Beebe boys always try to drown each other during bath time – there would be NO way we could get them to sit still for this. Plus our boys aren’t very modest…so you can imagine what our bath time photos look like. BOYS! UGH!!

  2. That is a great picture! And so modest, too. For once, a bath time picture that won’t be too embarrasing to have flashed around.

  3. The “more bars” comment is pretty clever — I can’t believe how much darker Abby’s hair looks in this picture. Cute…

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