Hangin’ at The Pie

Sweet mother. I met Kris, the bearded one, at BYU and we worked together for three years. He introduced me to his circle of friends, two of which are shown here, Tyler and Jon. Kris lives in his home state of Arizona and actually claims to like it. He was in town this week and I only see him every three years or so, so I really enjoyed this man date.

It’s really good to see old friends and the older I get, the more I realize how much I value those friendships I formed in college. Now, if only they wouldn’t have moved away.


3 thoughts on “Hangin’ at The Pie

  1. I totally understand your last sentence – “If only they wouldn’t move away.”There were some years with each one of my kids that I would have paid to have them move away – you know, like the teenage years or the 8-9 year old stage – or the 2 year old stage. But once you all became adults with a sense of reason and respect, I find that my best friends are now moving away in droves and it makes me so very, very sad. We struggled through the growing up years – we wish we could live nearer to all of you now that we don’t have to do the parenting. But that isn’t the case in our family for the most part. I know if the right opportunity came to you, we would encourage you outwardly to take it and move if necessary, but every day I’m so grateful you are still here.Glad you were able to enjoy a guys night out!Mom

  2. The Pie is awesome. I frequented there while at BYU. Go on a first Monday of a month. My old roommate still plays there. He’s quite good.

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