Are parents replaceable?

We read “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” before bed tonight (Lauren picked it out…her nickname is Bunny and you can be sure that she picks out a book about a bunny every night!). In the story the mother rabbit tells her bunnies to stay away from Mr. McGregor’s garden because their father had an accident there and ended up in a pie. I usually skip the “ended up in a pie” part because it always starts a conversation about rabbits in pies and why would anyone want to eat a rabbit.

Well, tonight I read it and Abby asked “Why wouldn’t she just get married again and get a new dad for the bunnies?” I asked Abby if she would want a new dad if Jess died and she eventually decided she would want me to get another dad for her. I asked her if she would want a new mom if I died and she said yes to that one too . Then (here’s the good part of the story!) Lauren said, “No new mom. Neni mommy” Neni is how she says Jeni. That made my night. I think I’ll keep her.


6 thoughts on “Are parents replaceable?

  1. Abby’s just looking out for number one. She needs two parents to take care of her! That’s sweet that your littlest wouldn’t trade you, though:)

  2. That is way to cute! I am glad that Lauren doesn’t want to replace you…I don’t think I want to ask the girls what they would want to do with us!

  3. Abby is just being logical. At least she doesn’t get angry and tell you she wants new parents yet…I hear that is what we have in store for us when our little ones are teens. Lauren is a dolly. I enjoyed having your girls over today. It is fun to watch girls play…I have forgotten how cute they are. Our boys are crazy!!!

  4. Neither of you could be replaced! Isn’t it interesting to see the understanding just in 3-4 years? Abby understands the need of a parent but Lauren only understands the need of you.Sweet story!

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