Rollie Polie — I have no idea how to spell that

We spent the bulk of Saturday at Jen’s parent’s house helping them get ready to put their house on the market. We were doing things like taking stuff to storage and DI, fixing a vinyl fence, doing some landscaping, etc. It was still chilly — about 40 degrees during this time outside — but sunny and a good day to work.

After we were all done, we were slow to leave because we were all tired. Well, the girls weren’t tired at all, so they attacked grandpa and made him entertain them. See video.

5 thoughts on “Rollie Polie — I have no idea how to spell that

  1. Why are they moving? They haven’t been there long and they just remodeled their kitchen. Where are you moving to?Lindsey

  2. Well, they’re in a fairly large home (~4500 sq. feet) on a huge lot (~1.12 acres), but only have 1 kid at home still. They will look to downsize to a smaller — yet newer — home on a smaller lot to make it more manageable.

  3. Looks like the girls had a ton of fun! I’m glad to hear that the house is nearly ready. Marci has been mentally ready for a while so she is probably relieved that it will soon be on the market. Hope it sells quickly.

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