Holy sweet. On Saturday, we drove from SLC to Elk Ridge to attend a baby shower for my sister-in-law. On the way down I-15, we passed Thanksgiving Point. They had a marquee outside that flashed “Yesterday’s low temperature is today’s green fee.” Now, if you’ve been in Utah for the last few weeks, you’ll know that it’s been warm — in the 50’s each day. I said something like “That would be sweet.” Jen said, “You ought to go golfing next week.” I didn’t think anything else about it.

I was at a church meeting Sunday morning and while gone, Jen noticed the weather in the paper and wrote it on the white board near our phone: Today’s hi: 54; Tonight’s low: 27; Tomorrow’s hi: 57. She started encouraging me to go golfing. I didn’t think much more about it.

Then I got to work on Monday. By 10am, I’d talked myself into taking advantage of the deal. I called the course, found out their recorded low temp was 30, and then I got a tee time for 2:30pm. I’ve never golfed Thanksgiving Point because my monthly golf budget doesn’t allow such luxuries! I typically golf twice a month and hit the range a few times a month.

The deal was 18 holes with a cart for that low price of $30. I couldn’t convince a co-worker, a guy from my ward, and a brother to leave their work to come with me, so I went as a single. The course was very empty and even with my tee time at 2:30pm, no one was behind me the entire time. It took me 3 hours to hit all 18 holes. I only hit par on 2 holes, but I haven’t swung a golf club since November, so I was happy with that. The picture on the left is the par-3 7th hole.

One of the main differences between muni courses and country clubs like this: the par 3 holes are long. They didn’t have a single par 3 hole shorter than 180 yards. At other city courses, they are like 120 – 140. Much easier.

Thank you, beautiful Utah spring weather!

3 thoughts on “Golfing!

  1. Extremely jealous . . . Here I am digging out of the snow in Massachusetts and you’re golfing. Life is not fair! Not fair at all!!

  2. Golfing sounds fun right about now. I haven’t been for too long. Brent gets to go golfing in AZ in a few weeks. That’ll be fun. I told him about this post and he said he really liked golfing there. I forgot he’d been once before for a work competition with KPMG. Glad you got out to enjoy the weather. I think your weather is coming this way too! YIPEE!!

  3. We are finally due to get over 50 degree weather tomorrow. I hope Jason goes golfing. He deserves it. Glad you got that opportunity to go. Looks like a beautiful place.

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