Snowman is Disappearing!

Photo taken on Tuesday, Feb. 17. This was the day of snowfall.

Photo taken on Saturday, Feb. 21. It was about 48 degrees today. The snowman has shrunk about a foot in height and his girth has diminished rapidly. This is a weight loss program I could handle.

However, in the photo below, it looks like some flesh-eating bacteria took over and ate the poor snowman’s face.

The girls have since attacked the head and all that remains tonight is the base.

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5 thoughts on “Snowman is Disappearing!

  1. Woah–my first thought was, “He must have degenerative joint disease.” But, I think your “flesh eating bacteria” is more accurate.

  2. I have to say that in the beginning that snowgirl is the best one I’ve ever seen! You girls did a great job at it. How is it that you still have green grass in February? There are places that get snow but are still green? How come I never knew about this!

  3. Well, our front yard is greener than most for a couple reasons: it’s a west facing lawn that melts pretty quickly after a snowstorm; and that’s new bluegrass sod we put down last summer. It hasn’t had 20 years of weed infestation and abuse, so it’s still has that “new car smell” to it.

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